Wednesday, April 13, 2011

u often cross my mind ...

sometimes when i feel all alone
or cross by a countryside,
when i expect an arm on my shoulder
or someone to be on my side....

u often cross my mind....

in a blink, sequential thoughts run through
u are somewhere else although,
deep feelings have found place at bottom
forgotten moments, still not forgotten......

coz u cross my mind....

a clear image peeps out of the faded picture
as the winds of memories start to blow,
downside the hill, i see the "time" playing like a kid
the "image" will be at its best as "it" will grow......

this way u cross my mind....

so from the day my all blessings n prayers are yours
my belief is that these will open happy doors,
doors to a place, i will like to tell,
where with all comforts, u will love to dwell......

blessings which will keep u healthy and fine
with a belief that u will keep crossing my mind .....


  1. u crossed my mind sirjee by this... :)

  2. nice wrk arpit..
    mujhe pata nhi tha aapki is khubi ke bareme..

  3. sirji gr8 wrk ..pata nahi kaun kaun mind cross kar gaya ye padte padte .... keep up the gud work .. isse tarah dil ki baaton ko kakaz pe utarte rehna ..

  4. keep writing and i'll keep loving all ur poems!!! let's write a book together...hehe!!!!
    loved it!!!