Saturday, August 20, 2011

In Quest Of Life

One fine night,
After a long hectic day,
When I was in the arms of my bed……
While the eyes remain closed,
A thought ran at the back of my head……

While trying to figure it out…
In my heart it pinched like a knife,
Still trying uncover the hidden….
Yeah! The word is “life”

So what the word is carrying for us??
To all does it mean the same???
All are seeming to move, none is going out
Oh! I got it, Life is that “frame”

The same moment
Distracted by a breeze….
My eyes looking out now
And my heart got freeze….

Is it life???
I have seen it
Probably else somewhere….
And I truly believe
Life was there….

In the first step of a kid
When he thinks he can cover all the ground…
In the eyes of a child
When he thinks he owns a “DAD” no one else could have found…..

In the talks of a little girl
When she believes one day she will live her dreams…
In the confidence of a young man
When he feels he will cross all the hurdle beams….

Now I have sensed the “life”
It is there in every moment…..
It has always been around
Just we need to make that movement…

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